10 Ways to Help Your Watershed


10 Things You Can Do To Help Your Watershed


Collect Rainwater

Collect rainwater runoff by incorporating rain barrels or use the runoff to water gardens and flower beds by redirecting downspouts. Excess rainwater and melting snow runoff can cause flooding and bank erosion of waterways.


Minimize the use of Fertilizers

Minimize the use of fertilizers as the nutrients within the fertilizer can enhance the growth of invasive algae and plants in waterways as it runs off into streams, rivers and lakes.


Use Commercial Car Washes

Use commercial car washes as this water is typically filtered prior to directing it to a treatment plant. If you wash your vehicle at home, wash your car, truck or van in the grass to assist in collecting the runoff and detergents. This minimizes the amount entering storm drains which typically discharge directly into a local waterway.


Scoop the Poop

Scoop the poop as pet waste on yards, sidewalks, and drives will washout during rain events. When mixed with stormwater runoff, pet feces enter waterways and becomes a major contributor to bacteria problems in your local waterways.


Properly Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

Properly dispose of household hazardous waste. Never pour chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints or oils down a household drain or storm drain. For individuals residing within the Rock River Watershed boundaries, local household hazardous waste disposal locations can be found online to locate a site near you.


Plant a Stream or River Buffer

Plant a stream or river buffer. Trees and shrubs that are native to an area are resilient to the local climate variations, provide a buffer zone, reduce bank erosion, and filter pollutants out of stormwater runoff prior to them entering the waterway.


Be Water Conscious

Be water conscious and conserve water by using low flow faucets, toilets and other fixtures. Repairing leaks, taking shorter showers, running dishwashers only when full and washing clothes only when full loads can be done conserves water and saves you money in the process.


Participate in Local Cleanup

Participate in local cleanup events within your community. Removing trash and debris prior to stormwater runoff events is the best way to keep pollutants from entering the waterways.


Using Porous Surface Materials

Using porous surface materials such as bricks, gravel and wood in applications for walks and/or drives allows water to soak in and not runoff to potential impact waterways.


Use Alternate Forms of Transportation

Alternate forms of transportation such as riding a bike or walking keeps many pollutants out of waterways as many of the pollutants originate from vehicle exhaust and fluid leaks.

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