Rock River Watershed TMDL

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Rock River Watershed Facts:

The Rock River watershed captures water from 556 square miles or 365,625 acres.  The watershed contains portions of 15 communities of which Luverne is the largest, with a population of 4,617.  The population of the watershed is 10,942 with 34 percent living in rural areas.  The watershed includes 684 feedlots, with an estimated 151,222 animal units.  There are water quality improvement projects occurring all the time. 

Project History
What?    A water quality project to clean up the Rock River.
Where?  The Rock River Watershed.
When?   The project started in 2006 and is ongoing.
Why?     The Rock River has been listed by MPCA (MN Pollution Control Agency) as an impaired water for recreation and aquatic life.  The impairments are bacteria and turbidity.
How did this happen? 
Possible contributors of bacteria can be:
 - Failing septic systems, feedlot runoff, land application of
   manure, urban runoff and wildlife.
Possible contributors of turbidity can be:
 - Soil erosion from fields, eroding stream banks and gullies,
   urban runoff, flooding and high flow rates.
What has been done so far?  A report was developed and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) documenting potential sources of pollution.   A group of local, state and federal staff and an Advisory Committee formed of local producers, agronomists and citizens developed and implementation plan to address the impairments.
Now what?  Grants have been awarded to assist in making improvements to the water quality of the Rock River.  Upcoming meetings and newsletters will provide information.

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                           Rock River TMDL Project    
SWCD Staff has completed the updating process to the Comprehensive Water Plan and has received approval from the Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR).   Click here to contact your local SWCD for details.  
      Click here for the latest Water Plan.    Click here for the latest Water Plan Appendix Maps.


Rock River Watershed

For a detailed map showing sections included in the watershed, click here.
 TMDL:  Total Maximum Daily Load:

 Total maximum daily load is a regulatory  
 term in the U.S. Clean Water Act describing
 a  value of the maximum amount of a
 pollutant that a body of water can receive
 while still meeting quality standards.